Our Team

Chris Pham

Director, CA

Chris is a self-professed nerd who is the Founder and Managing Director of Mission Grow Advisory which combines his two passions of (a) helping businesses grow and (b) online gaming. A passionate gamer since a young age, his life goal is to now help entrepreneurs, business owners and start-ups “level up” by giving the right advice to help them “farm” (aka. increase profits), “gain exp” (aka. expand their business) and “conquer” (aka. win in business).

Chris’s avatar has been leveling up now for 15 years in the accounting and business advisory game where he has held middle and senior clan positions at top-tier clans such as Deloitte (formally GMK), Grant Thornton, and Blue Rock, where he climbed the clan ranks and established himself as an expert in business advisory. In addition to attaining a high-level avatar, Chris has achieved prestigious in-game awards such as a Bachelor of Commerce from the Monash Guild (aka. Monash Uni), attained his Tax Agent Registration from Hogwarts (aka. The Tax Institute) and his Charted Accountancy from the Bean Counters Guild (aka. Charted Accountants of Australia and New Zealand).

Chris’ special hero abilities include growth advisory, tax advisory, business structuring and industry growth expertise (across industries such as Fintech, Block-chain, Property Development, Hospitality and Professional Services). When he uses his ultimate growth advisory hero abilities, Chris has helped start-ups such as Project Play and Ravit Insights exceed their financial goals.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys drinking from special elixirs (aka. Asahi’s) on Friday nights with his mates and continues to level up in his various online gaming avatars.

Luke De Campo


Meet our CFO, Luke De Campo! He’s a corporate finance expert, and enjoys consulting, leading finance teams, and working with SME businesses.

His favourite part of his job is helping businesses succeed. He uses his laser-like focus to help them improve their efficiency and profitability, and leverage their business model to scale and grow.

Esther Oropeza

Senior Advisor, CA

Meet Esther. She's currently studying CA, and she's got a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy). She's been in the accounting industry for a few years, and has previously worked with our founder Chris, before joining MGA. 

Esther is always looking to help clients maximise their potential, and finds every situation she encounters unique. Each day at MGA is like no-other, and there's always another opportunity to grow. Our "Phamily" is full of positive and supportive people, and Esther says it's a great community to be a part of. 

She's proud of becoming part of MGA during the peak of restrictions, and connecting with clients and colleagues over Zoom. Esther prides herself on being there for those around her, and even when she wasn't able to meet in person, she was able to respond to client needs online. 

When she's not busy helping your business grow, she's watching movies, writing calligraphy and playing online games (like our founder Chris). She also enjoys weight-lifting for those strength stat gains.

Zoe Li

Senior Advisor

Zoe has been working in accounting since 2018, and she gets a kick out of watching clients grow and thrive.⁠⁠ During her spare time, you'll find her either watching an action movie or on a hike. She's a gamer too! ⁠

Dexter Estrada


Meet Dexter. He's a Certified Public Accountant and he worked in Saudi Arabia for 7 years, as a Senior Payroll Accountant, before going back home to the Philippines. He loves cleaning up his clients' books and gets a lot of satisfaction from reconciling items. If your books aren't as clean as you'd like them to be, Dexter can get them looking their best. 

One of his proudest moments was being able to pick up where a previous accountant had left off, without prior briefing. He's able to jump into any situation and take care of a client's needs, anticipating what things they'll need in the future. He's just one of the MGA members who can help your business grow. 

When he's not focusing on sending his daily reports, he's playing mobile games, baking, and watching movies on Netflix. He also loves enrolling in online classes!